How can we double a company's turnover at an exhibition?


Multi-Chicory Ltd.

is the manufacturer and distributor of the popular Maci Coffee.

Multi-Chicory Ltd. has always sought new and innovative opportunities to reach consumers of different ages. Young people in particular have been challenging the classic brand. At the 2019 OMÉK (National Agricultural and Food Exhibition), the manufacturer wanted to show its audience that Maci Coffee is not just a retro delicacy, but also a product that is capable of renewal after 100 years.


Our team had the honour of being in partnership with Maci Coffee at this event. In a stimulating environment, we competed for the attention of visitors, whom we had to convert into buyers. 


At an event with stalls worth 10 million, countless free tastings and product samples, it is not easy to stand out and get customers. When designing the ordered game software, we took into account the age of the target audience, while simultaneously not forgetting the circumstances of the exhibition. The main task of the software was to get the attention of children, and while they were playing, parents could taste, look around and shop. The software is designed to make it easy to change the playing time, dependent on the waiting crowd. We used 2 Oculus Quest devices and a crew of 4. We took with us one more person than usual, whose job it was to reach out to passers-by. So no one missed the experience. A playmaker explained how the game works to those waiting in line. 

our results

During the four days of the event, nearly 4000 people tasted the product and the firm sold the entire stock of more than 2000 cans of coffee! This is an outstanding 35% conversion (bearing in mind that one customer may have bought more than one product). The interest was so great that on the last day of the exhibition, the product samples in the showcases had to be extracted from the display and sold! 

Our client’s expectations were therefore exceeded by the result.