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why paper vr?

Instead of expensive VR goggles, the user here uses their own phone, which is placed in a paper goggle case that can be purchased on site – and suddenly you’re ready to go on a tour!

There is no match for the cost-effective touristic experience to be had in cyberspace.

Our example: Present your exhibitions in a unique way using paper-based VR glasses. Conjure your visitors into an unforgettable virtual environment, which can be a painting, a video or even a 3D animated film. Show your audience the exhibition in a way that no one’s ever seen it before. 

Our example: Make tours more interesting with this cost-effective yet special technical solution. Paper VR glasses give you an insight into places the tourist would never otherwise see. We can engage in an incredible time travel experience, and we can recontruct buildings of historical significance that no longer exist in front of the tourist’s eyes.

Our example: Show properties offered for sale in a 3D photo quickly and comfortably, from your own office. Show a potential buyer on the spot; make a purchase or a serious investment, Don’t trust to vague imaginings, but POWER UP YOUR FANTASY! 

Our example: Tired of pens, booklets, bags and other traditional marketing gifts? Switch to us as soon as possible. Offer custom-logoed paper VR glasses to ensure you’re remembered by your existing and prospective customers and consumers. In fact, you can introduce your business using virtual videos!

Our example: If you want to stimulate interest before an important meeting or event, you can present the desired area integrated into a website and prepared for VR glasses.

Our example: Make your presentation exciting with a special 3D video. Impress your audience with our unique virtual reality experience. Paper VR like your audience has never seen it  before!


3D 360 Video

With our special camera, we can produce real 3D 360° content for you. The solution can be photo or video as you require.


We create a mobile-optimized VR experience software. In the absence of a controller, control is automated here, and interaction is possible with a target cross.

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