A new way of filming

3D and 360? yes!


We record all the material using a special camera. The camera captures images in 4 directions, one pair of cameras per side – with a total of 8 wide-angle lenses – so each shot is shot in 360 degrees and 3D. After extensive professional post-production, we load the recorded material into our own web system, from which we make it available to the person you have identified.

Paper VR glasses work with almost all categories of smartphones. The only requirement is that you have a gyroscope and compass.

After scanning the QR code on the side of the paper goggles, the VR tour starts automatically.

The phone inserted in the paper glasses separates the screen into two parts, sending a picture to the right eye through the right lens, while simultaneously sending a “fixed” image to the left eye from a little further afield. So by fooling the brain, we create a perfectly 3D image. The gyroscope of the phone detects the rotation, so even the smallest, most sensitive movements are immediately tracked.


What solutions and opportunities do we offer?

Record 360-degree 4ks- 3D videos

Capture 360-degree 4ks-2D/3D images

360°8ks-3D animations

360°4ks- 3D hybrid (video animations)

How do we make it unique?

The footage will be branded with the logo of your business

Paper VR glasses can also be customised with an ad for your product or service

The event itself – the virtual tour – can be branded with your corporate image

Note: These are just a few examples. We like challenges and  we can also develop unique solutions!

How long will it take to make it?

With only one visit to the scene, we can record 3-6 locations in one day

Post-production work usually takes 2-3 working days

Web integration is usually completed in 2-3 working days

Summary: Within a week we will produce ultra-modern, high-quality material that you can use anytime, anywhere as a unique reference!


With the goal of developing a cost-effective tourist experience, there is no match for the solution we offer, which makes the experience of visiting a virtual space unforgettable. Instead of expensive VR goggles, the user uses their own phone and then puts it in a paper case that can be purchased at that location. Proceeds come from the sale of paper cases sold as an extra service in addition to tickets, which will enable the user to discover and recognize the location from a new perspective. The viewable content is directed to a QR-generated URL, so you don’t have to invest in app development.


This is a well-structured solution based on strategic cooperation between venues, offered for touristic associations, municipalities, wine regions and festivals. Here, the paper glasses can serve as an entrance ticket or as a gift with the wristband, so that the user can enrich not only the experience of the given location, but also the memory of a lifetime. In this solution, we recommend the development of an application with geolocation-based identification, since the visitor encounters different content in different locations. The app directs you from one position to the next, with the result that the visitor’s pleasure in discovering new content also increases traffic throughout the site. 

Complex tourism development

This VR solution can be incorporated into the complex image elements of municipalities, national parks, and touristic regions. There is no more efficient method of communication than the messages displayed on all available interfaces, so this modality certainly grabs the user’s attention. Communication tools are displayed using the same brand image throughout a range of publications, public spaces, websites and apps, referring to each other’s availability and encouraging their use. Thus, the QR code on the interface shows the content that can be used with VR glasses, and the data available from the information board also offers unique VR content which shows the surrounding area in an unprecedented way – even in cyberspace!

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