Virtual Cashier Experience



Lidl entered the Hungarian market in 2004 as a market player, and today it serves the population of numerous towns and cities throughout the country. From the very beginning, Lidl has been characterized by its commitment to quality and freshness while striving to provide the best value for money. What continues to stand out in Lidl’s history is its courage to explore new paths, and it brings us immense joy to contribute to Lidl’s commitment and innovative spirit through the application of virtual reality.


On occasions when Lidl participates in various external events, we aim to provide an exciting mini-game in the future to give participants a closer experience of what it’s truly like to be a cashier. We wanted to extend our assistance digitally, and when we were approached, the project immediately took shape in our minds.


During external events, the use of easily portable equipment is of paramount importance, making the experience more convenient. Therefore, we chose the Oculus Quest 2 for our solution, as we placed significant emphasis on its outstanding value-for-money. It offers simplicity, efficiency, user-friendliness, and functions independently without the need for cables or complex setups.

Furthermore, it’s excellently suited for remote project updates. This can be immensely beneficial for swiftly and efficiently updating projects, such as adding new content or features. Its user-friendly interface and remote updating capabilities make it stand out prominently in the VR world.

Regarding our development approach, we’ve created a virtual store where you can try your hand at being a cashier using the Oculus Quest 2.


In the game, various products appear on the checkout counter with barcodes. Your task is to swiftly scan the barcodes and record them in the system to achieve the highest score and secure your place on the leaderboard.

But beware, not everything is so straightforward! Some products present unique challenges. You’ll need to manually input certain barcodes, which takes time. This feature tests your dexterity and speed while providing an enjoyable glimpse into the life of a cashier.