Here at the VR Storm Studio, we are taking the exploration and immersion of history to a whole new level. Our task was to provide visitors of Eger Castle with authentic experiences, transporting them to one of the most defining events in Hungarian history, the Siege of Eger. One of the challenges we faced was conducting extensive research on the Ottoman Turks, Hungarians, and the history of Eger Castle, to offer our users credible and rich experiences.


When it came to development, we strived to create a lifelike battle scene using the most cutting-edge technology, Blender. The versatile modeling and animation software, Blender, is primarily used for creating 3D graphics, animations, visual effects, and games. By utilizing Blender, we crafted a 3D-rendered video with an immersive battle scene and special mini-games, as requested by our client.


To execute the project, we divided it into two phases. In the first phase, using the Quest, visitors could walk and explore the world of the Siege of Eger Castle. We enriched the journey with various stops, seamlessly blending the surrounding reality with the virtual world, making the visitors truly part of this historical event.

For the second part of the execution, we established a separate room with PCVR stations, providing lifelike mini-games and video experiences. This allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in the pulse-pounding moments of history.

The depiction of authentic weaponry and combat tools created an unparalleled experience. Participants could experience the siege up close, engaging in archery and even pouring boiling oil on the Ottomans. All of this made them feel as if they were genuinely part of the events. Through these experiences, we brought back to life the thrilling moments of Eger Castle.

During our work, we endeavored to create the unique world of the Siege of Eger Castle, offering realistic experiences in a digital framework and bringing history to life in a unique way!

VR Storm Studio is committed to providing our clients with enriching and realistic content. As a result, we would like to showcase in the attached video the extensive research and attention to detail we put in to deliver credible and immersive experiences.