VR is a simulated world in which we try to fool the user’s senses as much as possible. There are no physical boundaries, we can assume new identities and create completely unique and fictitious spaces, but we can also realistically copy an existing space.

VR and the headset that created it have begun to spread rapidly in recent years, even though the device itself is not a 21st century invention. The idea of virtual reality is almost contemporary with computing, and it is still on course to take some more giant steps. Let’s explore the future together.




Our team has a total of more than 45 years experience in this field. We are proud of the success we have achieved so far, but we do not intend to sit back and relax. We follow the trends, we are open to new ideas and we always work with the latest tools. We are full of creative ideas and have the capability to develop anything from the simplest mobile app to the most complex VR experience.

Industrial uses of vr? Yes!

According to studies (LINK) a safety drill is taken less seriously by employees because of the lack of real danger, then if it were simulated in a VR goggle. We can also simulate dangerous workflows so that employees can learn new skills or practise unexpected situations without running any risk. We’ll take on even the most complicated tasks!


Player software for all purposes! Convert customer loyalty into bonus points, encourage communication and interaction with rewards. Alternatively, train your colleagues in a player system, then reward diligent work and perseverance, or replace the simple ’employee of the month’ board with a performance leaderboard using the same player system.   

why choose us?

We create personalized VR experiences at competitive prices. Whether it’s a unique marketing communication tool or a demonstration for exhibitions or training material. We also don’t shy away from training, education or safety simulation programs for industrial purposes either, our experienced team will always come up with the right solution!

our strength

If you choose us for your project, we will look at it as if it were your own and manage it with the utmost care from idea to product

creative design

It’s okay if you don’t have an established idea, we’ll figure it out and work out the whole concept in close collaboration with the customer.

Project management

Scrum project menedzsment keretrendszer egy kifejezetten stúdiok számára módosított verziót használva, heti sprintekre osztjuk a projectet.


Our developers are also familiar with the deepest features of Unity and C #. Thus, the program will not only be spectacular, but also economical and high quality technically.


We constantly monitor the user experience and strive to make it as perfect as possible. Even if you only need one design, our graphics team will be there to help you.

3D Modeling

“I am responsible for making the 3D image of the project as perfect as possible. Each job is done for a different purpose. There are times when visual representation is more important, in which case we try to display everything realistically, but there are times when it is pushed into the background to reduce resource utilization. In this case, we prefer to use the low-poly technique, but we still try to stay creative.”

Róbert Görbe – Master 3D Graphic Artist

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concept art design

At the start of each project there is an image in the mind of the client and our team. 

In order to make this overlap as much as possible, we try to present how we want your ideas  to be realized with the help of a so-called “concept art” before starting the 3D modeling and development.

Sound design

Sounds are just as important as visual elements, which is why we try to fulfill all needs in this area as well. 

We select the right sound effects for the project from one of the largest online sound databases in the world, but we have our own studio as well, so we can also record unique sounds and narration.

If required, we can also make custom music for the project.

Appropriate, immersive music helps the user better identify with the virtual reality world we create.

our costumers

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