Bean Stalker

Bean Stalker is the VR Storm Studio’s own designed game, which we created in 2022. However, since 2019, our company has been focused on game and software development; nevertheless, our goal is to always create something new and innovative in the world of VR. Finally, this passion led to the conception of our own VR game. It all started among the four developers who worked from home, pursuing our dream with our own software and ideas, to


We aimed to create a game that is entertaining for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Our game allows you to explore this fascinating virtual world alone or with your friends, collaborating in Single/Multiplayer modes to experience the stunning VR adventures.

Regarding the levels, they are procedurally generated, meaning we create a random, never-repeating environment for players. This way, players can encounter new challenges every time and continually experience fresh adventures throughout the game. Additionally, procedural generation enables the levels to dynamically adapt to players’ decisions and behavior, resulting in further variety within the game.

The game features a “Main Questline,” which is a main storyline or quest series. It’s generally a longer and more complex series of missions that encompass the game’s main objectives and narrative. For excitement and variety, we also have “Daily Quests,” which are daily missions that players can complete in the game. These can be smaller, simpler tasks or missions that often provide different rewards or points to the players.


We can embark on adventures in different biomes, where diverse natural environments and wildlife await. In each biome, a powerful main boss guards treasures and rewards, which can be found atop a tree after defeating them. During the game, we may encounter both land-based and flying enemies, engaging in thrilling and challenging battles to test our strenght.


We enriched our game with various difficulty levels of logic puzzles, requiring both skill and thinking to solve. Successfully completing the logical puzzles can bring great satisfaction and advance the story.

If we want to play with our family, we have the option to choose the co-op mode, where we can enjoy the exciting and entertaining world of the game together with our family and collectively challenge the opponents.