Peter Takács, CEO of VR Storm Studio, provided a statement to the online publication upon their request. The article elaborates on the following points:

Peter Takács points out that the VR market is not growing as dynamically in the non-business (B2C) sector as previously anticipated. However, the outlook is much more favorable in the business (B2B) sector. For companies, VR applications offer more efficient and scalable solutions, such as faster training and increased efficiency. In the field of education, for instance, VR simulations lead to significant advancements, allowing for practicing medical interventions or fire safety situations in a virtual environment.

The article mentions that VR development companies are shifting towards the B2B direction, developing solutions that bring cost savings and quality improvements to business users. Additionally, it outlines the potential of B2B2C models, where companies operating VR experiences offer them at events or exhibitions, creating opportunities for direct monetization of content and effective marketing.

In conclusion, the article highlights that while the slower growth of the VR market is quite evident, B2B solutions, education, and B2B2C models present excellent opportunities for VR development companies. Enhancing efficiency in business domains and enhancing the quality of experiences can contribute in the long term to broader acceptance and adoption of VR technology.